Conflict Resolution

Effective litigation in court and arbitration proceedings

Let us assume:

  • You have delivered your product to the customer in Italy in accordance with the contract, but no payment is made.
  • Or, you have paid for the goods from India, but no or another delivery comes, which is afflicted with defects.
  • Or, you have had a good business relationship for years with a large customer in Russia who no longer pays regularly or not at all.
  • Or, after a long trial you have obtained a German verdict against an American company and do not know how to enforce it.

These questions have been our specialty for many years! Our approach is first and foremost effective prosecution through preventive litigation avoidance. This is done primarily through legally compliant contract drafting and permanent monitoring of contract performance, for example in order to identify changes at the customer’s premises at an early stage. However, where necessary, we fight before all local and regional courts as well as higher regional courts, arbitration courts and authorities for the law and the interests of our clients. We benefit from many years of litigation practice in a large number of legal areas. But our work does not end with the judgement! In the event of international trade disputes, we immediately enforce our claims in all European countries and, via our network, in almost all countries of the world.

Our focus

  • Litigation before civil, criminal, labour, administrative and finance courts throughout Germany
  • Conducting national and international arbitration proceedings
  • Process management and enforcement abroad
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments nationally
  • Enforcement of German judgments at home and abroad