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COELER LEGAL is one of the few law firms in Northern Germany specialising in cross-border legal relations with France.

France is one of Germany’s most important trading partners. In 2009, 10.2% of all exports went to our neighboring country. Conversely, the share was 8.3%, which underscores France’s importance as a trading partner. In many cases, however, cultural and linguistic differences still lead to misunderstandings and disputes that require mediation.

COELER LEGAL is one of the few law firms in Northern Germany specialising in cross-border legal relations with France. Our partner Dr. Frank Schmitz has spent part of his professional training in France and obtained a doctorate in French corporate law. He knows the country, the mentality and the language. He has been advising German companies on French law for many years. He specialises in distribution law, company law and French labour law. He is supported by several partner law firms in France.

Our range of services

  • DISTRIBUTION LAW – Drafting, review and negotiation of all types of distribution agreements, e.g. commercial agency (VRP) and authorised dealer agreements – Review and assertion of compensation claims, settlements and commissions – Consideration of national and European antitrust law
  • TRADE RELATIONS – Drafting and examination of bilateral supply contracts under German, French or Swiss law – Special consideration of UN sales law and place of jurisdiction
  • COMPANY LAW – formation of companies of all kinds – partnership agreements – due diligence audits  acquisition of shareholdings – share and asset deals
  • ENERGY ECONOMIC REGULATION – Renewable energies, in particular wind farms in France – Examination of property contracts – Agreements on feed-in tariffs – Administrative proceedings – due diligence Exams – Advice on the sale of wind farms under French law
  • LABOUR LAW – Drafting of and advice on employment contracts in France – Management contracts – Severance pay – Termination procedures – Negotiations with works councils and trade unions – Company regulations – Takeover of companies
  • REAL ESTATE LAW- Purchase and sale of real estate in France – Letting / leasing – legal and tax advice on real estate law
  • COLLECTION – Dunning and Court Proceedings in France – Arbitration – Debtor Identification – Credit Checks – Enforcement of German Judgments in France
  • INHERITANCES IN FRANCE- We help private individuals with inheritance and tax structuring. We draft and review German or French marriage or inheritance contracts in cooperation with local notaries. How does German real estate law differ from French real estate law? Which law applies to inherited real estate? We will provide you with detailed advice or, on request, prepare an individual expert opinion.

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Dr. Frank Schmitz