Legal Fields

Our main area of expertise has been trade, commercial and civil law for many years, especially in legal matters with an international dimension.

Our work focuses on creative advice as well as the detailed analysis and efficient solution of legal problems. We want to avoid and solve conflicts in advance. Should legal proceedings nevertheless occur, we will enforce your interests competently and vigorously. All partners have many years of litigation experience before German and foreign courts. All partners have many years of litigation experience before German and foreign courts.

Plant and Mechanical Engineering

We advise plant and mechanical engineering companies, manufacturers, suppliers, project developers and construction companies in a multidisciplinary manner on all legal issues, in particular with an international dimension.

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Labour Law

We advise your company in questions of individual and collective labour law. This includes advising the management of German and international companies. We prove competent support here.

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Real Estate Law

A professional and comprehensive advice avoids unnecessary costs that may, for example, arise in the course of processes. We charge our consulting services according to your wishes.

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International Inheritance Law

The determination of foreign law and clarification of all related legal issues at home and abroad belongs to the specialities of our law firm. We further possess an extensive network.

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Company Law

Our aim is to provide integrated and comprehensive advice on national and cross-border investments, including the tax implications through the involvement of specialised lawyers.

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Commercial Law

Our main field of knowledge has been national and international commercial law for many years, in particular UN sales law. Our specialists in commercial law have been advising companies in all sectors since 1950.

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Debt collection

Successful debt collection secures your liquidity and thus the existence of your company. Reason enough to entrust this area to specialists. We offer you a specialized collection team.

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Process Management

Effective representation in court and arbitration proceedings. This has been our speciality for many years! Our approach is first and foremost effective prosecution through preventive litigation avoidance.

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Contract Law

We have many years of experience in all areas of contract law. We can therefore also support our clients in special areas of law in drafting and designing contracts.

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Distribution Law

Our experienced specialists in distribution law have been advising companies of all industries and sizes on all questions of sales organisation and in disputes with sales partners and customers since 1953.

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Insurance Law

We at Coeler Legal have been active in insurance law both forensically and out of court for insurance companies and policyholders for many years. Thus, we are familiar with both sides.

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Additional Legal Fields

Construction law
Italian Inheritance Law

Practice Groups

In keeping with the requirements of our clients, we have brought together the expertise of our consultants in practice groups. This ensures that interdisciplinary and highly specialized conflict resolution and advisory teams are available at short notice. You can particularly access our foreign colleagues of the Italian, French and Bulgarian groups without any language barrier.

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