Commercial Law

Our main field of knowledge has been national and international commercial law for many years, in particular UN sales law.

Our specialists in commercial law have been advising companies of all sectors and sizes on all commercial transactions issues since 1950.

Our focal points

  • Purchase, contracts for work and services and contracts for work and materials
  • International trade in goods, in particular UN sales law
  • Legal remedies under the UN sales law
  • International distribution agreements
  • National/international contract negotiations
  • Preparation and review of General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
  • Preparation and review of export contracts
  • Preparation and review of import contracts
  • Agency, commercial agency and authorised dealer contracts
  • Termination of contract and compensation claim
  • Leasing contracts
  • Franchising
  • Process Management / Arbitration

We specialise in all types of distribution agreements, in particular commercial agency and authorised dealer agreements for companies and their sales agents in Germany and abroad. Special attention is paid to national and European antitrust law as well as to the form and admissibility of commission and compensation agreements. For export-oriented companies, we design the entire distribution system including purchasing and sales conditions, quality assurance agreements and the safeguarding of know-how and trademark rights.

Current mandates

  • Drafting of the general terms and conditions and distribution agreements for stationary and Internet retailers for a leading mail order company
  • Design of the entire sales documentation (national/international), including general terms and conditions, for a medium-sized plant manufacturer
  • Advising German companies on French law regarding commercial agents (VRP/agent commercial)
  • Ongoing advice and drafting of distribution contracts in Italy
  • Permanent representation of Italian companies in commercial agency/authorized dealer contracts/compensation and commission claims
  • Advice on distribution law in Egypt and the MENA countries
  • Drafting of dealer agreements in Eastern Europe, India, France and Italy
  • Arbitration proceedings concerning dealer/agent agreements in Egypt

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Dr. Frank Schmitz