Real Estate Law

Professional and comprehensive advice avoids unnecessary costs

In the area of real estate law, we advise buyers and sellers, builders, investors and providers of open and closed-end real estate funds, owners, heirs, administrators or brokers on all legal issues relating to the acquisition and transfer of real estate:

  • Real estate purchase contracts (contracts for the sale of condominiums, single-family and multi-family houses)
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Real estate funds and investments
  • Developer contracts
  • Financing and mortgages
  • Enforcing or defending claims for defects and other rights
  • Termination and actions for eviction
  • Residential property law

Real estate represents high values. It is therefore important to carefully examine the personal situation with regard to real estate transactions, to identify risks and to draft contracts accordingly. Professional and comprehensive advice protects against unnecessary costs that may arise in the course of processes. According to your wishes, we charge our consulting services either according to the Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) or – which is usually cheaper – according to the time required, whereby the hourly rate can be agreed individually.

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